Introducing the industry’s first American made, food grade, investment cast, ultra-lightweight, low profile hopper tee.

The design of the new tee allows for maximum strength, faster unloading with BTI patented SiphonFlow™ technology and it weighs in close to the weight of an aluminum tee. No stainless steel tee on the market today can match it. And, it’s 100% American made which ensures the integrity of the food grade stainless steel, unlike the porous imported castings of our competitors.

Available in 5” and 6” sizes, this tee takes advantage of BTI’s Patented SiphonFlow™ technology which uses 2 forces instead of 1. The product is pushed out of the tank with tank pressure and also pulled out of the tank with line pressure. The unique fluted design causes a venturi effect resulting in the “pulling” of product from the hopper allowing product to be unloaded faster than any tee on the market.