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Our new Ultra-Lightweight Food-Grade Never-Seize Manhole Assembly is innovating the industry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 21 lbs lighter than industry standard assemblies.
  • Self-aligning lid gasket and redesigned lid solve a leading issue with old-style assemblies that use the metal on the lid to align to the collar, allowing metal shavings to end up in your load from metal-to-metal contact when the lid is closed.
  • Never-seize adjusters with sealed adjustment threads, protective o-rings, and a 10-year warranty.
  • Available with a composite, aluminum, or steel cam handle.

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BTIís Never-Seize Dry Bulk Manhole Adjusters

Convert your old style, rusted, seized-up, inoperable manhole adjusters to state-of-the-art, never-seize and easily adjustable BTI manhole adjusters. Eliminate the tools needed in the past like torches, pipe wrenches, hammers, and penetrating oil –
Saving you time and money!

A Sealed adjustment threads

B O-Ring Seal

C Built-in Scraper


Download Adjusters Flyer

Adjuster available for delivery now. Full assemblies will be available late summer 2020.

Parts are interchangeable with leading manufacturers.

The final solution to costly maintenance associated with manhole assemblies.

BTI’s Ultra-Light Never-Seize Manhole Assembly is guaranteed to keep your manhole assembly operating for many years!


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