This Month's On Line Special!
25% off standard list price- $19.24 each!

Introducing the new Heavy Duty Handle from Bulk Tank, Inc., built with an aluminum body and longer lasting stainless steel trigger. The Heavy Duty Handle offers more knuckle room and features an ergonomic offset design, which brings the handle out to the operator, providing additional leverage and easier access when opening and closing hopper valves under a pneumatic tank trailer.

Driver friendly, competitively priced and longer lasting--B.T.I. once again raises the bar on an industry standard and finds a valuable solution to an industry nuisance with the HD Handle.

Lengthened handle and ergonomically curved design provides comfortable grip and additional clearance for increased leverage

Rounded, stainless steel lever tip decreases wear
to the lever

Proven to withstand abnormal wear and competitively priced, the perfect companion to B.T.I.'s Bottom Drop Hopper Tee

As with all of its products, Bulk Tank, Inc. unconditionally guarantees this handle will outperform any similar products on the market today.