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Bulk Tank Inc. has again developed a product that has the potential to save the industry hundreds of thousands of dollars. B.T.I.’s Railcar Vacuum Pneumatic Filter Screen connects to the bottom of a railcar outlet and is designed to filter unwanted materials that could contaminate the load being vacuum transferred from a rail car in to a vacuum pneumatic tank trailer. The stainless steel filter screen has been molded into a food grade coupler gasket. This unique design guarantees that the assembly will not operate properly if the screen is removed. The coupler will simply not hold vacuum, ensuring the filter screen will always be used. Dry bulk haulers no longer have to worry about pulling something from the railcar that can contaminate the vacuum pneumatic tank trailer load.

Although the B.T.I. Railcar Vacuum Pneumatic Filter Screen is lighter and more compact than any other models currently available, the one-piece cast aluminum housings are notably stronger and provide quick and easy cleanup and can be sealed for tamper proof loading. The filter is designed to fit in to a 6” ID line at the railcar and the other end connects to a 6” vacuum hose connection going to a vacuum pneumatic tank trailer. The stainless steel screen has a 1” square hole design and can be removed for easy cleaning; however, the B.T.I. Railcar Vacuum Pneumatic Filter Screen can be customized to any configuration and screen size to meet the customer’s requirements.


As with all of its products, Bulk Tank, Inc. unconditionally guarantees this filter screen will outperform any similar product on the market today.

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