BTI’s new EasyAccess™ Multi-Angle Neck Extension allows for effortless operation of all BTI Butterfly Valves. No more crawling under tank trailers in messy situations. No more back injuries and workman compensation claims due to awkward angles and burns from air supply lines that can reach 350°F.

Because of the unique design of the EasyAccess™, this multi-angle extension can be made to fit any situation. The stem can be angled from 0° to 45° and maintain effortless opening and closing of the valve.

(a) The EasyAccess™ Multi-Angle Neck Extension consists of a universal joint securely fastened to the stem of the butterfly valve.
A rubber boot over the u-joint seals contamination out of the joint and retains lubrication. The other half of the u-joint is securely fastened to the top stem. The unit is supported at the top with a short section of BTI’s neck extension extrusion.
(c) Two bushings support the shaft in the extrusion, and
(d) two o-rings seal the extrusion from contamination and provide a
lubrication chamber, with grease fitting, for easy maintenance and years of trouble-free operation.