The SandHog just got Super Charged.


BTI’s BlackMaxx Super SandHog™ Hopper Tee

Specially designed for frac sand and sliding abrasive material

Gauranteed the most durable tee on the market.

Our new BlackMaxx Super SandHog Hopper Tee is not only designed for extreme wear resistance in highly abrasive situations on the inside, but also on the outside!

After months of product testing a variety of materials we found the perfect combination. This new tee material not only provides an increase in wear resistance over the original SandHog Tee it also provides a tough corrosion resistant exterior with a cathodic epoxy coating. Nothing on the market comes close to the wear resistance the BlackMaxx Super SandHog provides.

The new tee has all the features of the orginal SandHog Tee such as the patented inner ledge that catches the abrasive material being discharged and uses that material to protect the downstream radius of the tee.

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