1. BTIís New BlackMaxx Composite HD Handle. Lighter. Stronger. Affordable. Click for more information
  2. BTIís Sanitary Valve: A superior valve for pharmaceutical and hygiene critical industries. Click for more information
  3. BTIís BlackMaxx Throttling Plate - eliminates corrosion... Click for more information
  4. BTI is proud to announce the receipt of our latest ISO 9001 Certification.
Trailer Mounted Air-to-Air Cooler
The ultimate protection for heat sensitive loads
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BTI's Direct Drive Stem Extension.
The strongest stem extension available, period.
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Bulk Tank Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified, nationally known company specializing in the manufacture of innovative parts for the pneumatic tank trailer industry. We manufacture MaxxLife Butterfly Valves, Utility Butterfly Valves, Optima Check Valves, Pressure Relief valves, Sand Hog Frac Sand (shale fracking) Hopper Tees, All-in-One Pipe Couplers, EasyOpen Hopper Tees, Aerators, Filter Screens and HD Valve Handles. We also have our own tool and die machining operation which enhances our already great customer service while allowing BTI to handle a multitude of special customer requests. > Click here to read more.